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About OnCourse

Specialists on your side.

Achieving goals in education never happens with technology alone. OnCourse's team of experts works side-by-side with you to help turn your aspirations into achievements.

Give your staff a little extra help where they need it the most.

OnCourse maintains your Software-as-a-Service platform; however, technology is sometimes only half the battle. Take advantage of a range of additional services offered by the OnCourse team.

How We Help

Your district is encouraged to take advantage of these helpful services included with your OnCourse subscription.

Support for All Staff

Most providers only extend support to a few key contacts in your district. OnCourse takes a different approach, offering support-for-all as part of our mission to help every educator succeed. Any teacher, office staff member, counselor, etc. can send in support requests or use an in-app screen recorder to help OnCourse support resolve their questions as quickly as possible. The median support resolution is under 24 hours.

Chat Support for District Managers

Your district and technology staff are at the top of the escalation food chain. They tend to deal with the biggest and most urgent challenges. To help them get the fastest possible support, district VIPs have access to a special Chat Support feature, connecting them with an expert as quickly as possible. The OnCourse agent can launch an on-demand Zoom meeting to help walk through issues in the most productive way possible.

Cloud Hosting and Cyberthreat Protection

OnCourse is a 100% cloud-based platform with 99.9% annual uptime. Your district can finally part ways with any server-based hardware or version-update headaches. Let us take care of it, as well as your nightly backups and disaster recovery planning.
Cyber Security

Full Service Rollover

Let OnCourse's team handle the heavy lifting of your annual rollover. Simply complete a quick survey to guide us through your upcoming school year, and our team will execute your promotions, configuration changes, and more.

3rd Party Integrations

OnCourse SIS clients pay one annual fee for maintenance of integrations with core systems. If you have systems you love, for callouts, lunch, transportation, assessment, etc., they will (in most cases!) be covered by your annual integration.

Updates to Academic Standards

When your learning standards change, OnCourse takes care of uploading new versions for you. Included for clients using OnCourse Lesson Planner, Curriculum Builder, LMS, and Assessment.

OnCourse University: Video Training Portal

All staff members have unlimited access to OnCourse University, an on-demand portal for video training and user guides. Staff can begin with a "Starter Series" or use the search function to quickly locate topics of interest.

Paid Services

OnCourse strives to go above and beyond to help you achieve your most ambitious goals, but sometimes additional fees can come into play. Here are a few common paid services.

Content Conversion

Have your curriculum in Google Docs? A batch of assessments from an old system? We strongly encourage districts to use the OnCourse conversion as an opportunity to improve these resources as they build them into a new system. However, if you desperately need extra hands to convert content, OnCourse can help.

Custom Development

OnCourse develops new features constantly, between 300-400 every year. When new features benefit many schools, they tend to be released free for all clients. If the feature might only benefit a few schools, it is still released for free, but released as a free option. If the feature will only fit your school district, and is outside the scope of your subscription, it can be pursued as a paid custom development project.
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Student Information System

A powerful software for schools that dream bigger than compliance.

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What educators say about OnCourse

What educators say about OnCourse

“I can't count the number of times we've had projects that could be directly streamlined by help from OnCourse, and they've consistently been there for us. I've used another system in a previous district, and there is a marked distinction between the programs in terms of being able to reach out to a real person for assistance. OnCourse blows them away. ”

Ross LeBrun

Chief School Administrator, Winfield SD

What educators say about OnCourse

What educators say about OnCourse

“OnCourse actively works with teachers and district representatives to meet needs. I have seen many needs arise, be reported, and resolved within reasonable time frames throughout our time with the OnCourse platform.”

Taylor Wilkes

Teacher, Bossier Parish Schools

What educators say about OnCourse

student working on computer in computer lab

What educators say about OnCourse

“When our district went to a standards-based report card, OnCourse helped us set it up, gave us suggestions, and made the process go very well, from development to implementation.”

Helene Fullmer

Instructional Supervisor / Student Support Services, Weymouth Township School District

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Sam Morgan

Senior Account Executive

Sam has spent 25 years in education technology, specializing in Student Information Systems. There isn’t much Sam hasn’t seen, from DOS-baseD SIS programs to mind-bending master schedules. He will put his wealth of experience to work in crafting the perfect suite of software and service for your school district.

Outside of work, Sam enjoys family vacations and spending time in Cape May, NJ.

Schedule a 15-minute meeting with Sam.