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Assessment to guide student growth.

OnCourse Assessment gives your students a rigorous, tech-enhanced way to demonstrate learning, with data that makes sense and arrives fast.

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Instructional time is precious. Here’s how OnCourse makes sure testing time is worth it.

High-quality assessment is an important complement to great instruction, but getting testing right isn’t easy. This is what OnCourse Assessment does best; improving the alignment and relevance of every test. Expert-level assessment tasks become easy, like blueprinting standards, authoring tech-enhanced items, and quality-checking the correlation of your results.


But even terrific tests are a waste of time if data isn’t being used effectively. Stop asking staff to interpret spreadsheets and use OnCourse’s dynamic data dashboards to uncover the best places to improve instruction and curriculum.

How OnCourse Makes Your Assessments Better

Grow beyond multiple choice.

OnCourse helps you design assessments worthy of a modern classroom. Create items from 70+ different technology-enhanced item templates that encourage students to think critically as they demonstrate their knowledge.

Augment your content with OnCourse’s item banks, featuring more than 100,000 standards-aligned items in Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies, as well as 500 pre-made assessments.

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Watch growth across a spectrum of measures.

Teachers get instant feedback on their students’ skills, color-coded for easy interpretation and delivered fast enough to tweak instruction.

OnCourse’s analytics are built to scale. Monitor progress across students, sections, or schools. Explore mastery of skills or standards across an entire district to make high-impact adjustments to curriculum or PD.

Make connections that were never before possible.

Something magical happens when OnCourse is your single source of truth, for student grades and attendance, online assessments, and imported scores from state and third-party tests.

You unlock the holy grail of precision; the Multiple Measures view of student performance. Your most elusive questions suddenly have answers: are students growing equitably? Which of our assessments is best correlated to performance on summatives? Your power to impact change increases dramatically.


Multiple Measures

Want to blend your OnCourse Assessment data with third-party test scores, like AIMSweb, Dibels, ACT, SAT, or your state summatives or benchmarks? Add the OnCourse Multiple Measures to store and analyze all your testing data.
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CenterPoint Interims

CenterPoint interim assessments, available in English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics for grades K-11, are a standards-based solution that helps drive professional learning community work and instructional decision-making. The pre-designed or custom developed assessments use high-quality items to deliver reliable and accurate data that help administrators and educators determine student progress towards college and career readiness.
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Desmos Graphing Calculator

Add the popular Desmos Graphing Calculator to your OnCourse Assessments! Graph functions, plot data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and much more.
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ACT Assessments & Coursework

The Horizon College Readiness Assessment Package is perfect for your team if you are looking for equitable ACT® test preparation for all of your grade 9-12 students. With this upgrade, activate a comprehensive set of assessments and coursework for use in OnCourse.
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Next Generation Science Formative Assessments

NGSS Formative Assessments include 38 prebuilt assessments that reflect the principles described in the NRC’s Framework for K-12 Science Education and the NGSS. They address key instructional shifts by assessing the three dimensions of science learning and demanding higher-level thinking through statistical analysis, close reading, and explanatory writing. In addition, NGSS Formative Assessments include cross-curricular alignments to the college- and career-ready standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics.
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EL Education Interim Assessments

Schools that use EL Education now have the option of using interim assessments that were built specifically for use with the high-quality curriculum. These web-based, curriculum-aligned, grades 3-8 interim assessments mirror the EL Education Language Arts curriculum scope and sequence and were designed to complement the existing embedded formative assessments. Authored by CenterPoint Education Solutions.
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Illustrative Mathematics Interim Assessments

Schools that use the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum now have access to assessments that give teachers information specifically about students’ progress on the curriculum and its underlying standards. Authored by CenterPoint Education Solutions.
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OnCourse’s Content Partners

CenterPoint Education Solutions

CenterPoint Education Solutions is a nonprofit that provides research-based, best practice, innovative solutions to empower educators to help students succeed.

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KDS Inspect

OnCourse’s built-in item bank includes high-quality standards-based assessment content that paves the way for actionable data. Offering 100,000 items in ELA, Math, Science, and History.

What educators say about OnCourse

students smiling together in school library

What educators say about OnCourse

“Our District implemented the assessment tool for district-wide benchmark assessments. This allowed us to view our students' strengths and weaknesses and compare student progress throughout the year. The charts and graphs help disseminate standards students need the most work in and how they have progressed throughout the year. ”

Marie Champagne

Teacher, Iberia Parish Schools

What educators say about OnCourse

teacher helping student at desk

What educators say about OnCourse

“The Assessment tools helped my 7th-grade math team create assignments and compare our students' data to plan better for the future.”

Jessica Washington

Teacher, West Baton Rouge Parish Public Schools

What educators say about OnCourse

student in science class

What educators say about OnCourse

“OnCourse allows the school district to pass down checkpoint assessments... These allow students and teachers to compare mastery not only within the school but the whole district. These checkpoints have given a starting point for collaboration on how to improve student learning. Without OnCourse this type of inter-district collaboration wouldn't be possible. ”

Kali Gaskins

Teacher, Tangipahoa Parish Schools

Frequent Questions

What types of technology-enhanced items does OnCourse support?

OnCourse Assessment offers 70+ different technology-enhanced items, including: EBSR, rubric-scored constructed response, math equations, graphing/charts, classification, fill-in-the-blanks, highlight & drawing, chemistry, voice recording, and lots more.

Can we import other test scores into OnCourse?

Yes. With the OnCourse Multiple Measures upgrade, your district can import spreadsheets from other 3rd party sources. Create your own scoresheets, or use 50+ curated data templates to bring in data from other popular assessments, like ACT, SAT, iReady, Dibels, etc.

Does OnCourse offer testing modifications?

OnCourse's “Advanced Accessibility” features can be turned on for students in need of accommodations and modifications. Options include text-to-speech, color contrast, highlighting, and response masking. Students can customize settings like font size and highlighter color. They can choose options like voice and voice speed.

Can we do bubble sheets in OnCourse?

Yes. OnCourse supports both online and paper and pencil assessments. Paper and pencil assessments include support for bubble sheet scoring and automated scoring.

Let’s Get Started

Tyra Starkey

Ed-Tech Specialist

Tyra Starkey is an Ed-Tech Specialist at OnCourse and loves helping district staff members save time with technology. Driven by her passion for education, she takes pride in assisting school districts in advancing the education of their students.

Tyra has spent much of her career in education, gaining experiences in such areas as classroom teaching, leadership, data analyzation, and curriculum development. A mother of three who lives creek-side in southeast Louisiana, she spends much of her time paddling and fishing the waterways of the Bayou state. Tyra is an avid hiker and traveler, a CrossFit athlete, and cherishes time spent with her family and friends.

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