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To grow better, plan better.

OnCourse Lesson Planner improves the effectiveness of every lesson designed in your district. Save time for teachers and improve transparency for administrators and parents.

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For a culture of high-quality instruction, use OnCourse to promote high-quality lesson planning.

A lesson plan can be written down anywhere. A napkin. A notebook. A Google Doc. But high-functioning organizations understand that a plan is only as good as the system used to implement it.


The OnCourse Lesson Planner was created by educators to simplify the K-12 planning process while improving the alignment of each lesson to your district’s curriculum. The OnCourse approach respects teacher autonomy, while also achieving a higher degree of consistency and rigor.

How OnCourse Improves Lesson Planning

Lesson planning, made gloriously simple.

The busiest teachers are the ones that fall in love with OnCourse the fastest. Each week, personalized lesson plan templates are ready and waiting. Past lessons can be searched and posted. Teachers can quickly connect all their favorite instructional resources from Google or OneDrive. When schedules shift, plans can be bumped forward or backward.

If your district reviews lesson plans regularly, teachers can post to administrators with a single click!

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Achieve a new level of alignment and rigor.

Teachers are the composers of their own symphony, but with OnCourse, the curriculum department guides the tempo. Bring your curriculum into OnCourse and invite teachers to link their weekly progress. Teachers can use OnCourse’s searchable library of grade-level standards to identify the skills they are targeting. These actions produce valuable data to help teachers and supervisors monitor progress throughout the year.

The result: an instructional program that naturally stays in harmony with your scope and sequence.

Invite support from supervisors, colleagues, & parents.

With OnCourse, the best parts of a lesson plan can benefit every participant in the learning process. Teachers can share content with colleagues or friends in other districts. For supervisors, submitted plans arrive in an online inbox, organized by week and department. Digging through e-mails or online drives becomes a thing of the past.

To keep students and parents informed, OnCourse can automatically post a teacher’s homework or resources online.

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Curriculum Portal

Keeping your curriculum in binders or Google Docs? Don't let it collect dust; import it into the OnCourse Curriculum Portal to put it a click away from teacher lesson plans.

The Curriculum Portal is included at no cost with every OnCourse Lesson Planner subscription.

Teacher Websites

Create a personalized classroom website for every student and parent. Homework written in the OnCourse Lesson Planner is automatically posted on this website at the end of the school day.

Teacher Website are included at no cost with every OnCourse Lesson Planner subscription.

Multiple Measures

To improve data-driven planning, activate Multiple Measures and give teachers a convenient place to monitor student performance on benchmark, diagnostic, or state tests. Import assessment results from any source and put meaningful data a click away from teachers' plans.
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OnCourse’s Planning Partners

Google for Education

Are your teachers prolific Google Classroom users? Is your curriculum stored in Google Docs? These tools are wonderful for collaboration but tend to leave curriculum departments lacking visibility into how well this content is aligned to the scope-and-sequence or academic standards.

Bring Google content into the OnCourse Lesson Planner to add convenient monitoring tools for curriculum departments.

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Academic Benchmarks

Your OnCourse Lesson Planner subscription includes updated academic standards for most common content areas.

Through a partnership with Academic Benchmarks, OnCourse’s full library includes more than 4 million learning standards, spanning across all 50 states, national standards, CTE standards, ISTE® standards, and CollegeBoard AP® standards.

What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“Even though our parish has changed lesson plan formats numerous times, the basic setup of OnCourse has stood the test of time through all of them, AND I still have access to all of my plans.”

M. Flowers

Teacher, St. John the Baptist Parish Schools

What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“When I started teaching, I was able to copy shared lesson plans from teachers on my team. It saved me a lot of time so that I could focus on more important things. ”

Laura Olivia

Teacher, Swedesboro-Woolwich School District

What educators say about OnCourse

teacher smiling with other staff

What educators say about OnCourse

“OnCourse makes lesson planning a breeze! So many features of drop-downs that make your ideas easily accessible. Copy options to collaborate with other teachers and be able to share lessons. ”

K. Haskoor

Teacher, Washington Borough School District

Frequent Questions

Can we customize the lesson plan templates in OnCourse?

Yes! OnCourse supports many different approaches to lesson planning. Some districts distribute a consistent planning template for all staff. Some allow teachers to create and share their own. Whether your district has their own template, or uses an industry-standard like Understanding by Design, OnCourse can be customized to facilitate your preferred method.

Is there a mobile app for the OnCourse Lesson Planner?

Yes. There are native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Teachers can use their device to write and submit lesson plans. Supervisors can review submitted plans and leave feedback.

What types of reports or analytics are available?

The data from OnCourse Lesson Planner can be a powerful guide for teachers, administrators, and curriculum staff. Check on important metrics like coverage of academic standards, percentage of plans reviewed, comments left by supervisors, and frequency by which teachers are linking important items (technology used, accommodations applied, strategies utilized, etc.)

Let’s Get Started

Tyra Starkey

Ed-Tech Specialist

Tyra Starkey is an Ed-Tech Specialist at OnCourse and loves helping district staff members save time with technology. Driven by her passion for education, she takes pride in assisting school districts in advancing the education of their students.

Tyra has spent much of her career in education, gaining experiences in such areas as classroom teaching, leadership, data analyzation, and curriculum development. A mother of three who lives creek-side in southeast Louisiana, she spends much of her time paddling and fishing the waterways of the Bayou state. Tyra is an avid hiker and traveler, a CrossFit athlete, and cherishes time spent with her family and friends.

Schedule a 15-minute meeting with Tyra.