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OnCourse's academic toolkit makes it easy for your curriculum team to strike the perfect balance of instructional consistency and creativity.

Great education is like music. Here’s how we help you conduct your orchestra.

Your curriculum staff are the composers. Your teachers are the musicians. OnCourse is your sheet music, providing structure, guidance, and timing.

OnCourse houses your curriculum units, maps, and lesson plan templates, ensuring that your scope and sequence is transparent for all. Your academic standards are maintained by OnCourse, keeping your curriculum, weekly plans, and assessments synced to the right tempo.

Use OnCourse LMS to check the standards that learners are mastering on a regular basis, or OnCourse Evaluate to conduct targeted classroom walkthroughs and data meetings.

OnCourse Multiple Measures can even “quality check” the correlation between your district assessments and state tests.

From the opening notes of your curriculum to the final crescendo of summative testing, OnCourse helps keep all your instruments in harmony.


Academic Standards Available

OnCourse maintains a deep library of grade-level standards for all 50 states.

Items in Test Bank

Improve the rigor and alignment of any assessment. Searching OnCourse's item bank by standards, depth-of-knowledge, or question type.



Popular Assessments Integrated

Use OnCourse's curated templates to upload scores from your favorite assessments, like ACT, SAT, STAR, MAP, i-Ready, Dibels, Fountas & Pinnell, and more.

What educators say about OnCourse

student on laptop at desk

What educators say about OnCourse

“Through several innovations, OnCourse has supplied access to information before I even knew I needed it! Education is in transition. However, OnCourse has kept the pace by providing simple access to current standards, data, and the changing curriculum requirements. To the few problems I've encountered, OnCourse responded quickly and personally. ”

Melissa Welsch

Teacher, Livingston Parish Public Schools

What Educators say about OnCourse

students in gym class on track

What Educators say about OnCourse

“We believe administering rigorous, aligned assessments (District Benchmarks at the end of each grading period) gave us valuable data to use to intervene immediately to grow our students' mastery of the standards.”

Jennie Foster

Supervisor of Assessment & Accountability, Iberia Parish Schools

Keep what’s working: integrating great content from other sources.

While it’s exciting to move all your disparate content into one cohesive OnCourse platform, there will inevitably be resources from other vendors that are vetted, aligned, and working well in your classrooms.

Some popular content or productivity platforms, like Google and Edmentum, are pre-connected in OnCourse via API or LTI, allowing staff to attach resources to lessons or assignments.

If your district has assessments they love from other systems, like iReady, Star, etc., OnCourse provides curated templates for importing these scores for analysis.

Frequent Questions

What types of alignment reporting is available in OnCourse?

There are dozens of interesting ways to explore your data in OnCourse. Here are a few of the most popular. In the OnCourse Lesson Planner and Curriculum Builder, staff can monitor coverage and frequency of standards usage. In OnCourse LMS and Assessment, districts can measure student mastery of assessed standards. In OnCourse Multiple Measures, staff can run correlation reports to reveal the rigor and alignment of any district assessment by comparing it to benchmark or summative measures.

Do our staff have to wade through standards for all fifty states?

No. Your schools will only have access to the standards sets you need, corresponding to your state and content areas. Individual teachers can also "favorite" standard sets that they'll often use during the course of a year.

Does OnCourse support our state curriculum or assessments?

Depends on your state. To find out which amenities are offered in your state, contact us at [email protected].