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Tiered supports to help students grow.

OnCourse MTSS helps you identify at-risk students, collaborate around interventions, and monitor student progress.

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Create multi-tiered systems of support that are rich with data and collaboration.

The most promising student intervention programs can falter if staff don’t have simple ways to manage student data, whether academic, behavioral, or social-emotional.


OnCourse MTSS equips your team to effortlessly monitor student data across a spectrum of metrics, pinpoint students in need, craft personalized intervention plans, and track each student’s growth journey.

How OnCourse Makes Interventions Work

Get a 360 degree view of student progress.

An intervention can begin anywhere. Sagging benchmark scores. A pattern of behavioral issues. Chronic absenteeism. Recognizing these challenges can be difficult when data is scattered across a dozen different programs.

Let OnCourse bring all your data together in one place. Set automatic triggers that alert staff when students are going off-track on any measure.

Design data-guided interventions.

Use a rich profile of holistic student data to design effective SMART goals. Implement your own intervention strategies or choose from OnCourse’s library of evidence-based suggestions.

OnCourse MTSS then invites your intervention team to one central place to collaborate, swap notes, and monitor student progress.

Check the efficacy of your actions.

Are interventions working? Are students attending their sessions?

OnCourse MTSS offers a range of visualized analytics to help you understand the progress of every child, the effectiveness of each strategy, and the efficacy of your chosen framework.

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Multiple Measures

Every great intervention program begins with great data. Activate OnCourse Multiple Measures to give your staff a hub for all the district's critical data; benchmark or diagnostic scores, summative results, literacy screeners, SIS data, SEL surveys, etc.
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OnCourse Assessment

Make it easier to monitor student growth with OnCourse Assessment. Use OnCourse to design rigorous, standards-aligned assessments that are tightly aligned to your scope-and-sequence. Provide your teachers, supervisors, and curriculum team with actionable data on student mastery of academic standards and skills.
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Personalizing OnCourse MTSS for Your District

Implementing a Successful Program

Our integration team customizes OnCourse MTSS to fit your district’s personnel, workflows, and platforms in use (assessment providers, SEL surveys, etc.)

We implement a comprehensive training plan, manage system integrations, and provide ongoing support for the life of your subscription.

Learn about implementation

Integrate with your SIS

Integration with your SIS is a crucial part of implementing OnCourse MTSS. This keeps your student rosters updated with daily refreshes and ensures teachers have access to all the students they teach in class. OnCourse can send/receive data from most SIS products, commonly using SFTP data transfer.

Wish your staff had a more seamless experience? Consider converting to the OnCourse SIS.

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What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“We were struggling with tracking student discipline issues across years, OnCourse worked closely with my team to introduce reporting mechanisms to do deep dives into behavior trends that allowed us to address classroom behaviors & celebrate where things were improving. OnCourse made it quicker & easier for teachers to report, track, & examine data in meaningful ways.”

Ross LeBrun, CSA Winfield SD

What educators say about OnCourse

school counselors working together

What educators say about OnCourse

“OnCourse tends to facilitate conversations among staff to bring positive change to our school. For example, our team decided to use the discipline tab to not only track negative or inappropriate behaviors, but we now track positive/desired/appropriate school behaviors following a discussion of the tab's title. ”

Jaclyn Barber

Counselor, Ranch Hope

What educators say about OnCourse

teachers working together

What educators say about OnCourse

“As the team leader of my school's PBIS team, we used the various discipline reports to guide our plan of action throughout the school year. Found our areas of concern each month and then brainstormed what we could do to address those concerns. ”

Whitney James

Teacher, Bossier Parish Schools

Frequent Questions

Can parents monitor their child's progress?

Yes. Districts that use both OnCourse SIS and OnCourse MTSS can post intervention information in the OnCourse Connect portal for guardians.

What data collection capabilities does the software offer?

OnCourse MTSS is most powerful when paired with OnCourse Multiple Measures, a flexible data warehousing platform that provides easy-to-use dashboards to staff. Click below to learn more.
Multiple Measures

Can the software accommodate the specific needs of various educational levels, from elementary to high school, and adapt as students progress through different grades?

Yes. OnCourse MTSS is flexible enough to be used in elementary and secondary environments. A student's intervention history can be accessed over the course of their career.

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