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OnCourse ensures that your school district benefits from the most exciting advances in education technology.

OnCourse keeps your team tapped into a valuable stream of life-changing innovations.

Most school districts experience a renaissance after moving to the cloud with OnCourse, especially those using legacy or patchwork systems. Innovation becomes a way of life, with time-saving features added every month.

Tech departments save hundreds of hours every year when they no longer have to manage updates, backups, or rollovers. Staff enjoy a friendlier interface and native mobile apps that make daily tasks easier.

Your staff can take advantage of their favorite instructional tools, like Google and Kami, through OnCourse library of API partners. OnCourse is also LTI-compliant, which integrates valuable tools like TurnItIn and Edmentum.

Because technology never stops, neither do we.


New Features, Annually

Districts get free new goodies every two weeks, driven by school district requests.

Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Connect OnCourse with your favorite instructional or operational tools, like Google, Follett, Clever, Active Directory, OneRoster, etc.


What educators say about OnCourse

student color and draw together

What educators say about OnCourse

“OnCourse is constantly looking to improve their format by asking actual users for their opinions and suggestions. It shows their commitment to adapting to the changing needs of their customers.”
Teacher, Oldmans Township Schools

What educators say about OnCourse

young girl coloring in class

What educators say about OnCourse

“The warm, long-term relationship between the district, students, and OnCourse is shaped by a shared commitment to better educational outcomes for the district’s students and the need to provide a higher-level support for teachers and administrators.”

Alisha Hughes


A powerful lever for positive change: community-led innovation.

The valuable new features that appear in your OnCourse suite come from many places. Our research & development team has included educators, district leaders, and industry experts.

However, our favorite ideas come from you, your peers, and our growing network of school districts. Your staff can submit features to the online OnCourse Community, and vote on other submissions you’d like to see developed. Your district also gains access to a dedicated OnCourse specialist, a “concierge” that helps turn your wicked problems into time-saving new tech.

OnCourse also takes custom development projects, to help districts meet their unique needs.

Frequent Questions

How does OnCourse decide where to innovate?

OnCourse uses a hierarchy for prioritizing its short- and long-term roadmap. Our first priority is alignment with federal and state regulatory changes, as these are crucial to district success. The next tier are "game-changers"; features that can improve the lives of school district staff in meaningful ways. We love features that save time, automate mindless work, or help the district to impact student achievement.

Can our district opt in/out of OnCourse updates?

Yes. Release notes are posted on your OnCourse dashboard every morning, with instructions on activating the feature for your staff. Almost every feature can be controlled by your district's OnCourse manager.

How much downtime can we expect during updates?

OnCourse has maintained 99.9% annual uptime for fifteen consecutive years. Regular updates happen with no user intervention or attention required. Large-scale updates are scheduled for low-traffic periods, like Thanksgiving weekend.

How quickly does OnCourse react to our needs?

OnCourse's infrastructure is built for agility. This allows us to release crucial security or compliance updates very rapidly, even instantly, if needed. OnCourse can also use its superior adaptability to help districts overcome big challenges. One example was school pandemic readiness. OnCourse SIS districts were outfitted, at no cost, with a range of helpful features; daily health screening, student self-attendance, parent contact logging, cohort tracking, and lots more.