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Grow beyond the walls of your classroom.

OnCourse Classroom LMS helps your teachers deliver high-quality instruction and assessment at the speed of a modern classroom.

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Give every classroom a vibrant online learning hub, rich with content and data.

Your schools use dozens of different learning tools and devices every day. The OnCourse Learning Management System helps you bring it all together.


Give every classroom a virtual expansion; a single place where teachers can share content, messages, and assessments. Students can use OnCourse LMS from a computer or mobile device to complete classwork and communicate in a supervised forum. In one place, parents and supervisors can stay updated on student learning.

How OnCourse LMS Helps Students Grow

Bring all your best content together.

Your staff has a treasure trove of instructional content, but it’s scattered across many different drives, platforms, and computers. OnCourse LMS is your central repository for these valuable resources.

Use the OnCourse Assignment Bank to build and share content across the district. Every staff member seamlessly connects to Google Drive or OneDrive to import their favorite assignments.

To create new content, use OnCourse’s powerful authoring tools to design interactive coursework, assessments, and audio-visual learning experiences.

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More learning, less clicking.

Free your teachers from busy work. OnCourse LMS saves time by automating roster updates, assignment scoring, and transferring grades into the Grade Book.

In one convenient place, teachers can post assignments, send messages, collaborate with colleagues, and monitor student progress toward grade-level standards.

Assessment that moves students forward.

OnCourse LMS makes sure that every check-for-understanding is meaningful.

Teachers can use the test bank to find standards-aligned items designed by psychometricians. Or, they can create their own experiences from 70+ different types of tech-enhanced items, like passages, math formulas, EBSR questions, and rubric-scored constructed responses.

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Transform all your static worksheets, PDFs, images, or other learning resources into an interactive experience ready for expression, analysis, or debate. Any document served through OnCourse can be instantly digitized by Kami.

Included with every OnCourse LMS subscription.

Next Generation Science Formative Assessments

NGSS Formative Assessments include 38 prebuilt assessments that reflect the principles described in the NRC’s Framework for K-12 Science Education and the NGSS. They address key instructional shifts by assessing the three dimensions of science learning and demanding higher-level thinking through statistical analysis, close reading, and explanatory writing. In addition, NGSS Formative Assessments include cross-curricular alignments to the college- and career-ready standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics.
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TurnItIn Plagiarism Detection

Equip OnCourse LMS with best-in-class plagiarism detection. Check for similarity against an industry-leading content database. Reveal text manipulations meant to bypass integrity checks. Verify originality of student work in possible contract cheating cases.
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OnCourse’s Content Partners

Google for Education

OnCourse is seamlessly integrated with Google for Education, allowing teachers and students to access all their favorite content, but conveniently centralized in the OnCourse LMS.

This also allows parents to browse all of their child’s Google content in one place. Teachers can take full advantage of Google’s LTI tools, like Originality Reporting.

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KDS Inspect

OnCourse’s built-in item bank includes high-quality standards-based assessment content that paves the way for actionable data. Offering 100,000 items in ELA, Math, Science, and History.

What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“OnCourse has provided a means for teachers to provide students and parents with a very clear picture of the progress of their children in our classrooms. Parents, students, and teachers can work better together with all the information we can easily provide and view on OnCourse. ”

Randy Korch

Teacher, Wayne Public Schools

What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“OnCourse makes it so much easier for me to look at test data. I can easily grade my test, then look at bar graphs for each individual question to see where my students struggled and come up with a plan for future lessons. This is one of my favorite features!”

Amber Pecoraro

Teacher, Tangipahoa Parish Schools

What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“The assignment features in OnCourse have a wide variety of options for question designs and properties. It is also very useful that the previously created assignments remain in OnCourse and can be re-used in following years.”

Elizabeth Robbins


Frequent Questions

Can OnCourse LMS integrate with other learning tools?

Yes. OnCourse comes fully integrated with popular tools like Google and Kami. It is also LTI-compliant, allowing staff to infuse their assignments with other LTI tools (Google Originality Reports, TurnItIn plagiarism detection, Edmentum content, etc.)

How does OnCourse LMS keep our rosters up-to-date?

When OnCourse LMS is launched in your district, it is immediately integrated to your Student Information System so that teachers, students, and course rosters are updated regularly. If your district uses the OnCourse SIS, the experience is delightfully seamless.

How does OnCourse accommodate students with learning modifications?

The OnCourse Connect portal is WGAC-compliant to aid students with disabilities with accessing content. Additionally, teachers can activate a range of accessibility options for students, like text-to-speech, screen rendering options, and response masking.

How do parents stay up-to-date on student work?

Every guardian has their own login to OnCourse LMS, allowing them to view deadlines, assignments, and helpful classroom resources all in one place.

Let’s Get Started

Tyra Starkey

Ed-Tech Specialist

Tyra Starkey is an Ed-Tech Specialist at OnCourse and loves helping district staff members save time with technology. Driven by her passion for education, she takes pride in assisting school districts in advancing the education of their students.

Tyra has spent much of her career in education, gaining experiences in such areas as classroom teaching, leadership, data analyzation, and curriculum development. A mother of three who lives creek-side in southeast Louisiana, she spends much of her time paddling and fishing the waterways of the Bayou state. Tyra is an avid hiker and traveler, a CrossFit athlete, and cherishes time spent with her family and friends.

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