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Our community has spent twenty years designing ingenious new ways to improve graduation rates, teacher effectiveness, and academic outcomes for all students.

How OnCourse accelerates progress toward your academic goals.

Every day in your schools, great things happen. Strategic goals are designed. Brilliant lessons are conducted. Rigorous assessments are created.

To turn these small strokes of brilliance into sustainable positive change, this work must find a home. OnCourse is that home; a central platform that collects effective practices, validates them with data, and allows them to be shared with all who need it.

When your most effective practices are embedded in the system that your community uses every day, it raises the tide of academic excellence across your campus. Every individual OnCourse app can stimulate this growth; but the biggest impacts flow to districts who make OnCourse SIS the centerpiece of an all-in-one suite.

Here’s what 300 OnCourse users thought in a recent survey:


of educators saw positive changes.

3 of 4 educators felt that OnCourse actively supported achievement in their school or classroom.

Increase in parent engagement.

With the native OnCourse Connect mobile app, school districts saw a 300% increase in parent interaction.


8 in 10

believed OnCourse made things easier.

In classrooms using the OnCourse SIS & LMS combo, respondents and parents found it easier to have everything they needed in one place.

What educators say about OnCourse

students working on group project

What educators say about OnCourse

“Because of features in OnCourse, student grades have risen immensely. Seeing these students care about their grades and class rank is heartwarming. OnCourse allows you to post assignments without having to use Google Classroom. Students can view their grades and message you with questions, comments, or concerns. ”

Kendra Wells

West Baton Rouge Parish Schools

What educators say about OnCourse

students raise their hands in class

What educators say about OnCourse

“Everything you need is in one place. I can see what other colleagues are reporting about a student, their absences, grades, etc. It's a great way to see the "big picture" for each student.”

J. Phillips

Teacher, Sterling Public Schools

What educators say about OnCourse

student on laptop

What educators say about OnCourse

“OnCourse allows the whole district to access accurate information regarding students quickly. This allows us to spend time doing other things that benefit our students. ”

Jade Gallucci

Teacher, Sayreville School District

What educators say about OnCourse

teacher works at laptop

What educators say about OnCourse

“Some of my students have a hard time reading. The OnCourse feature that reads text to speech is a lifesaver. ”

Amy Hendon


To get a true picture of equity, use OnCourse to bridge academic and non-academic data.

Creating a culture of equitable growth requires rich data that considers both the educational and social-emotional experiences that students navigate every day.

The OnCourse SIS takes a holistic approach to this task. Staff can view the “Student Story” of any child, which combines academic measures (like grades, assessment scores, and mastery of standards) and non-academic measures (like behavior, counselor notes, and whole child indicators) on one convenient screen.

Effective differentiation also requires flexible tools, like OnCourse LMS and OnCourse Assessment. Teachers can differentiate their lessons or assessments for individuals or groups, They can activate a range of accommodations, like text-to-speech, screen visibility controls, and extra time.

In this way, OnCourse equips staff to swiftly and effectively personalize the journey of every child they serve.

Frequent Questions

What sub-populations does OnCourse track for equity in our district?

Most OnCourse analytics can be viewed through ESSA’s big equity lenses; gender, economically disadvantaged, ethnicity, and special education status. However, OnCourse allows staff to explore any academic outcome through any characteristic they choose, like chronically absent, cohort, teacher, etc.

What type of accommodations are offered to students through OnCourse?

The OnCourse Connect portal is WCAG compliant, providing strong accessibility access for most students. For interactive applications like OnCourse Assessment, staff can deploy a range of accommodations to students, like text-to-speech, screen font/color controls, extended time, etc.

How does OnCourse help our ELL population?

OnCourse’s product suite was designed to be read and translated by all modern web browsers, making it simple for non-English speaking parents and families to view OnCourse in their preferred language. OnCourse also supports multiple versions of key communications, like parent letters, which can be auto-generated based on the parent’s primary language.

How can we know that our student data is being stored safely in OnCourse?

OnCourse is an independent, privately-owned software company and signatories of the Student Privacy Pledge. Our entire business model is to provide safe and intuitive software products to school districts. Unlike companies that sell data to maintain profitability, OnCourse offers a straightforward subscription model.