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Improve student behavior in your district.

The OnCourse Discipline Tracker helps manage every step of a behavioral event while keeping parents and staff informed along the way.

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OnCourse brings new transparency and responsiveness to classroom management.

Fostering productive student behavior is one of the most crucial and sensitive tasks that any school has to manage. OnCourse Discipline Tracker makes this process more consistent by integrating your district’s strategy into an intuitive platform available from any computer or mobile device.


OnCourse shifts focus away from paper shuffling and makes it easier to provide the support that each child needs. It brings together the people, processes, and observations needed to create classrooms where all students can grow.

How OnCourse Supports a Positive Behavioral Climate

Bring consistency to classroom culture.

Every great culture shares key ingredients; empathy, transparency, accountability, and most of all, consistency! OnCourse boosts consistency with a smart workflow for managing classroom behavior.

Every action taken in OnCourse, whether it is positive, restorative, or disciplinary, triggers a series of automated events to guide your next steps.

OnCourse Discipline Tracker Mobile App

Keep everyone informed, with no extra work.

When behavior events occur in a classroom, school bus, or cafeteria, OnCourse helps every stakeholder know what’s happening. Use the OnCourse mobile app to log incidents, notes, or actions on-the-fly.

Your most important contributors will receive automatic notifications, sharing key details and actions taken. OnCourse can even generate full-form letters or e-mails to guardians.

Design effective interventions with equity in mind.

To achieve lasting improvements, target your resources where they are needed most. Use OnCourse’s comprehensive reporting to spot trends affecting classrooms, buildings, or individuals.

Activate the OnCourse Analytics upgrade to see your data in new dimensions. Explore heatmaps that reveal behavioral hot spot locations or times. Measure your disciplinary responses for equity across subgroups. Give every staff member the data-driven insights they need to foster a productive environment.

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OnCourse Analytics

OnCourse Discipline Tracker includes a comprehensive library of reports that help your staff extract data for any purpose. Districts that want to dive deeper can add OnCourse Analytics to unlock an array of expertly-designed data dashboards that show behavior data in surprising new ways. Explore longitudinal trends, equity, and classroom culture with intersectional data.
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A Personalized Approach for Your District

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Customize Your Codes

Your first step with the OnCourse Discipline Tracker is customization.

An expert Project Manager works closely with your team to customize every behavior and action code, defining characteristics for severity, notifications, and state reporting. We convert your current behavior letters and set them to auto-generate with your letterhead and details already attached.

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Integrate with your SIS

Integration with your SIS is a crucial part of implementing the OnCourse Discipline Tracker. This keeps your student rosters updated with daily refreshes and ensures teachers have access to all the students they teach in class. OnCourse can send/receive data from most SIS products, commonly using SFTP data transfer.

Wish your staff had a more seamless experience? Consider converting to the OnCourse SIS.

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What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“We were struggling with tracking student discipline issues across years, OnCourse worked closely with my team to introduce reporting mechanisms to do deep dives into behavior trends that allowed us to address classroom behaviors & celebrate where things were improving. OnCourse made it quicker & easier for teachers to report, track, & examine data in meaningful ways.”

Ross LeBrun, CSA Winfield SD

What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“OnCourse tends to facilitate conversations among staff to bring positive change to our school. For example, our team decided to use the discipline tab to not only track negative or inappropriate behaviors, but we now track positive/desired/appropriate school behaviors following a discussion of the tab's title. ”

Jaclyn Barber

Counselor, Ranch Hope

What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“As the team leader of my school's PBIS team, we used the various discipline reports to guide our plan of action throughout the school year. Found our areas of concern each month and then brainstormed what we could do to address those concerns. ”

Whitney James

Teacher, Bossier Parish Schools

Frequent Questions

Can OnCourse Discipline Tracker be customized to our district's workflow?

Yes. When your district purchases OnCourse Discipline Tracker, your first step is a comprehensive review of your district's policies with an OnCourse Project Manager. This expert will customize your codes, operational rules, workflows, letters, and notification preferences. District staff members will then be trained to manage customizations for the future.

How do the referral and escalation processes work?

It's up to you. Some districts use OnCourse to collect a private referral from teachers, which notifies an administrator. The administrator can escalate the referral, which triggers letters, e-mails, or actions. OnCourse's customization options are highly sophisticated and can support a range of different workflows.

Can behavior be tracked on a mobile device?

Yes. OnCourse Discipline Tracker gives every staff member access to enter incidents, actions, and notes via iOS or Android mobile apps.

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