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About OnCourse

Bringing people and technology together.

For twenty years, OnCourse has helped school districts be the best version of themselves.

In 2001, a 3rd grade teacher handed a neatly-tabbed lesson plan binder to her principal.

The teacher watched as her supervisor crammed it into a bag with a dozen other plan books, hauled the pack over her shoulder, and headed home to jot feedback into each one.

Later that night, the teacher and her husband talked about an emerging phenomenon called cloud computing. How people were sharing documents online with the click of a button. How it would transform the way people worked forever.

This happened at the same moment that a tide of paperwork was rising in every K-12 school district. It was clear to the teacher and her husband Chris that schools would need help making space to do their best and most important work.

Their idea became OnCourse Systems for Education, which has given millions of hours back to school staff by making daily tasks easier, from writing lesson plans, to streamlining complex state reports, to authoring tech-enhanced assessments.

Today, Chris Contini remains the company’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder. Although his wife remained in the classroom, the OnCourse team retains a high concentration of school staff members (at least 33%) at all times. This keeps the needs of educators at the center of every decision we make.

It’s how we deliver on our mission: to help every school be the best version of itself.

Our Shared Values

We love technology, but our aspirations go far beyond the browser. Here's what we believe in.

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Great culture produces great outcomes.

Nothing is more important than how we show up for each other. Our values shape everything we do: integrity, teamwork, openness, humility, and respect.

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"It works" is not good enough.

Helping improve educators' lives is what gets us up in the morning. Iterating in pursuit of excellence is in our DNA.

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Know what educators need today and tomorrow.

Educators will always have a seat at the table when we make decisions. Education evolves constantly and so will we.

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We will never, ever, ever profit from student data.

Keeping student data safe is the single most important thing we do. We'll close our doors before we sell or share student data.

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Let's do great things together.

Learn how OnCourse can help your district transform the way it operates.

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