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OnCourse helps schools eliminate low-value tasks, giving staff more time to invest in their students' growth.

What could your staff accomplish if they had more time every day?

The average school district wastes thousands of hours annually on paperwork tasks.

Paper processes are the usual suspects, like printed summer packets or discipline incidents written on carbon paper. But digital processes can also be culprits; like using Google Sheets as a makeshift data warehouse or double-entering data across disparate ed-tech tools.

The average school district uses 1,327 different technology tools every month. This is a drag on time and morale that often goes unexamined, but that actively increases burnout and cognitive load on students.

Using an all-in-one platform like OnCourse drastically reduces redundant effort and offers exciting new ways to streamline daily tasks. The OnCourse SIS helps school districts save hundreds of hours every year by digitizing student registration, 504 plans, report cards, parent letters, and lots more.

2 hrs

Saved Per Week

For every assignment, teachers report 15-30 minutes saved by using OnCourse to automatically score items, post grades, and return results to students.

Reduction in Parent E-mails

Districts report a dramatic reduction in the need for parent administrative support, thanks to OnCourse Connect features like online registration and document collection.



Saved Per Student Registration

School offices save hundreds of hours by registering students online through OnCourse. They also report saving between $2-$4 on paper packet printing.

What educators say about OnCourse

planning curriculum

What educators say about OnCourse

“OnCourse is a time saver. There are multiple resources at your fingertips so you do not have to log into different websites to access grades, lesson planning, attendance, and IEPs.”

Candice Wilson

Teacher, Clementon Elementary School

What educators say about OnCourse

teacher writes on whiteboard in classroom

What educators say about OnCourse

“The biggest reason districts should use OnCourse is that it integrates all aspects into one space to save teachers one of the most valuable things: TIME!”

Jess Lopez

Teacher, Galloway Township Public Schools

What educators say about OnCourse

student on steps with backpack

What educators say about OnCourse

“OnCourse is constantly updating and adding content and capabilities to help streamline a lot of the tedious time-consuming parts of the teaching profession allowing more time to focus on the main goal of educating our children. ”

Marie Champagne

Teacher, Iberia Parish Schools

The biggest time-saver of all: smart software design.

Many software products look similar from the outside, but are surprisingly different once you pop the hood.

Modernity: OnCourse has a disciplined approach to software and database design. Technology debt is methodically managed, with continuous updates that keep OnCourse running on the newest web frameworks, browsers, and security best practices. This ensures a high level of uptime and responsiveness for district users.

Data hygiene: Your data in OnCourse is put through a proprietary data validation engine, which ensures accuracy and speed in your day-to-day work. It ensures that duplicate data is stopped at the door, that state/federal guidelines are being continuously met, and that reporting and data cleanup is as efficient as possible.

Design philosophy: One key to OnCourse staying user-friendly and efficient is what we DON’T do. Where some ed-tech companies grow by acquisition, buying other software products and bolting them together, OnCourse believes that the best user experience comes from a more organic approach to software design.

The OnCourse codebase is built and maintained by OnCourse’s in-house development team; it is not a collection of disparate codebases designed by different companies. We do, however, believe that integration has a role in creating a superior experience for users. OnCourse’s core platform is enhanced by integrations with powerful tools like Google, Kami, and Learnosity.

This thoughtful approach to design creates a better, more efficient experience for all.

Frequent Questions

What are the biggest ways that OnCourse saves time for teachers?

Every OnCourse module is outfitted with dozens of time-saving features. Quick e-mailing to parents. Taking attendance on a mobile device. Posting lesson plans with a single click. But the life-changing stuff happens when OnCourse is your all-in-one suite. Google content becomes a part of OnCourse's LMS. Assessments are auto-scored and posted to the OnCourse Grade Book. Content, plans, and assessments can be shared among the teaching staff. When OnCourse is your central hub for everything, time savings are massive.

Can we log into OnCourse via SSO?

Yes! Make it faster to access OnCourse with several different SSO options; Google, LDAP, Clever, etc.

How does OnCourse make our offices run more efficiently?

Some of the biggest time-savers are ones that happen behind-the-scenes! When students accrue absences, or earn disciplinary action, OnCourse automatically writes the letter to go home, in your district's format, and allows it to be printed or e-mailed quickly. OnCourse makes quick work of many office tasks, like online registration, mail merge labels, or printing re-entry slips.