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Help your
team become
their best selves.

OnCourse Evaluate makes it easy to foster professional growth, set student growth goals, and simplify paperwork.

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Celebrate the great work being done in your schools. Let OnCourse handle the busy work.

There are few things more rewarding than helping a team member level up their skills, but great staff evaluation tends to get smothered under exhausting paperwork. OnCourse Evaluate is an antidote to the tedium, a cloud-based platform that streamlines the entire K-12 evaluation process.



How OnCourse Supports Professional Development

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Simplify your observations and evaluations.

Give your evaluators everything they need in one place. Observers can view the “Required Observations” for each staff member and use OnCourse to schedule conferences, observations, and walkthroughs.

Save time with intuitive tools for scripting classroom visits, tagging evidence into your rubric, and delivering personalized feedback.

Let OnCourse handle your paperwork.

OnCourse acts as your “virtual assistant”, eagerly handling the tasks that most evaluators dread. Let OnCourse Evaluate collect your electronic signatures and auto-calculate all the elements of your summative evaluation forms. Stay on top of your schedule with automatic calendar events for every scheduled observation. Invite staff to create online Professional Development Plans or even conduct a self-assessment.

OnCourse Evaluate also generates your state-required documentation at the click of a button.

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Build professional capacity with data-driven precision.

OnCourse Evaluate provides a library of on-demand reports for every purpose a supervisor could need. Keep an eye on logistics, like missing observations and SGO submissions.

Or, examine the domains of your rubric where staff seem to need the most professional development.


Student Growth Objectives

Whether you call them student growth objectives (SGOs) or student learning targets (SLTs), this upgrade makes it easy for your staff to set and achieve their student growth goals. Add this feature to help staff develop meaningful goals, automate the approval and scoring process, and integrate the results into summative evaluations.
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Multiple Measures

To set great student growth goals, it's important to have great data! Activate OnCourse Multiple Measures to warehouse assessment results from different sources, whether summative, benchmark, or diagnostic. Give your staff a single dashboard that encompasses multiple measures of progress and bring the entire SGO process into one convenient place.
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OnCourse’s Supported Instruments

The Danielson Group

OnCourse Evaluate supports several Danielson frameworks, including the Danielson Framework for Teaching (FFT.) Over the last two and a half decades, the FFT has been used by countless educators worldwide. The FFT has the power to accelerate teacher growth, improve student outcomes, and create a more rewarding and sustaining professional environment. By supporting teacher reflection, collaboration, inquiry, and innovation, the FFT has had a direct impact on student learning and development.

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Stronge Performance Evaluation System

The Stronge Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System is a comprehensive, uniform evaluation system that consists of teacher, educational specialist, and leader components. It uses multiple data sources, including observations, artifacts, optional surveys, and goal-setting/student learning objectives, to provide a comprehensive performance portrait of each educator.

Learn more about Stronge

McRel Teacher Evaluation

Based on the proven instructional strategies in Classroom Instruction That Works (2nd ed.), the CUES Framework focuses on evaluating teacher growth, reinforcing teachers’ depth of knowledge (Content) and their abilities to deliver high-quality instruction (Understanding), create conditions that support learning for all students (Environment), and use resources to inspire rigorous learning (Support).

Learn more about McRel
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What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“Calculating Student Growth Objectives is so easy with OnCourse. No more doing Math for this History teacher! ”

Jessica Chisholm


What educators say about OnCourse

teacher outside of school

What educators say about OnCourse

“Easily navigating teacher scores, PGPs, and SGOs has been incredibly helpful for teachers and administrators to stay connected with ease.”

Lauren Macinsky

Special Education

What educators say about OnCourse

teacher and students in class

What educators say about OnCourse

“OnCourse has provided my district with the ability to perform observations and provide feedback, as well as lesson plan and track student success all on one platform. It has simplified things in our district immensely. ”

R. Pappa

Teacher, Maurice River Township School District

Frequent Questions

Can OnCourse be used to evaluate other staff besides teachers?

Yes. OnCourse supports the evaluation process for for administrators, counselors, nurses, superintendents, specialists, etc.

Does OnCourse support my state's specific requirements?

Much of OnCourse Evaluate can be customized to your state's guidelines. Common customizations include: conference forms, PGP templates, frequency of required observations, walkthrough rubrics, etc. For some states, like New Jersey, OnCourse comes pre-aligned to state requirements, like score weighting, released rubrics (i.e. NJ Administrator rubric), and import tools for Student Growth Percentile values (SGP.) To find out what OnCourse supports for your state requirements, e-mail us at [email protected].

Is there a mobile app?

Yes. The OnCourse Evaluate mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. Use this app to write notes, upload artifacts, or snap photos during a classroom observation and tag them into your evaluation rubric. Or, conduct spontaneous classroom walkthroughs on your mobile device to provide more targeted, informal feedback.

Can OnCourse be used to do informal walkthroughs?

Yes. OnCourse has a distinct module for classroom walkthroughs. This allows your district to design custom rubrics, conduct walkthroughs from any browser or mobile device, collect artifacts/evidence, and public results to teachers.

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