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When it comes to student information, we care for your children as if they were our own.

Your district faces a terrifying range of cyber threats. But you shouldn’t face them alone.

Since 2016, American school districts have been targeted by over a thousand distributed cyberattacks. Districts who fell victim to ransomware, cryptolocker, or DDoS attacks have been forced to shut down networks, close schools, and incur millions of dollars in damages.

We work tirelessly to keep OnCourse schools above the fray. Our world-class infrastructure provides your school system with more stopping power than any district can afford on their own.


Annual Uptime.

Staff and parents have anytime-anywhere access to OnCourse.

Tbps of DDoS Protection

Give your district industry-leading web-application firewall protection against common DDoS attacks.


1 hr

Data Snapshot Interval

In the hypothetical event of a major catastrophic failure across all critical infrastructure, maximum data loss will be no more than one hour.

What educators say about OnCourse

What educators say about OnCourse

“OnCourse is safe and secure.

Since adopting OnCourse, I have spent less time worrying about our students' data and security because of the measures taken by our team members. ”

Tammy Seneca

Supervisor of Information Systems and Educational Technology

The Nuts and Bolts of Data Security

Your OnCourse infrastructure is sophisticated and built for extreme redundancy. Web Application Firewall (WAF) technology renders your system virtually invisible from bad actors. OnCourse comes equipped with stout defenses, including:

  • DDoS suppression
  • Malicious traffic detection
  • Redundant, geographically-distributed data centers
  • Stateless application design
  • Routine penetration testing
  • SAS-70 audits
  • TLS 1.3 encryption

Promise not to write your password on a sticky note; we’ve covered you.

Frequent Questions

Does OnCourse handle our backups for us?

Yes. Backup logs are continuously updated to disk locally and shipped to a remote data center facility. Nightly full backups are committed to disk and tape. Backups are stored offsite in a secure facility.

How quickly could OnCourse recover in the event of a major failure?

OnCourse's infrastructure is built for redundancy, with full warm-site backup capabilities in geographically-distributed locations. Even in the event of a major catastrophic failure across all critical infrastructure, snapshots are taken every 60 minutes, ensuring that maximum data loss will be no more than one hour.

Does OnCourse support multi-factor authentication?

Yes. OnCourse allows your district to activate MFA using Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) standard

What are the specific cybersecurity features OnCourse offers?

For a comprehensive look at OnCourse's cybersecurity stack, contact us at [email protected].