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Bring your curriculum to life.

The OnCourse Curriculum Builder is the easy way to create an inspiring, high-quality curriculum that helps all students succeed.

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Build an interactive curriculum that keeps your learning community engaged and aligned.

Your curriculum is the heart of your instructional program. But creating and maintaining curriculum is time-consuming and even the best content can become shelfware if not integrated well.


The OnCourse Curriculum Builder streamlines curriculum development by linking your content, standards, and resources together in a collaborative online platform. Your curriculum units, formerly trapped in flat docs, suddenly become interactive, data-generating resources that invite productive engagement from your teachers and students.

How OnCourse Makes Your Curriculum Better

Build new pathways to growth.

Begin by articulating your learning goals, curriculum templates, and collaborators.

OnCourse becomes a thriving hub for curriculum development; where every constituent has customized access to different areas or stages of the curriculum design process. Design approval workflows or publishing guidelines that ensure your resources don’t hit the spotlight until you are ready.

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Ensure aligned instruction.

OnCourse provides everything educators need to develop quality curricula that meet the needs of all learners. Curriculum units can be easily mapped to state standards, allowing educators to quickly identify gaps and ensure alignment across grade levels.

Articulation between units is simple, so curricula can be updated and revised as needed without losing sight of the big picture.

Engage everyone in the learning process.

Invite teachers to review, comment, or interact with your beautiful new curriculum units. Activate the OnCourse Lesson Planner to allow teachers to link units or resources into daily or weekly plans, generating high engagement and saving time during the planning process.

When you are ready, use OnCourse to post your curriculum to parents and students by placing a single hyperlink on your district website.

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Multiple Measures

Having awareness of longitudinal student data is key to creating curriculum that supports equitable outcomes. Give your curriculum developers rich, timely data by adding OnCourse Multiple Measures. Warehouse and analyze data from summative, benchmark, and diagnostic testing sources.
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OnCourse’s Content Partners

Google for Education

Keeping curriculum in Google Docs is a decent way to collaborate on content. However, most curriculum departments lack meaningful data on standards coverage or alignment to scope and sequence.

OnCourse Curriculum Builder can house links to your existing Google content while facilitating the conversion into a format more supportive of instructional use and data analysis.

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Academic Benchmarks

Your OnCourse Curriculum Builder subscription includes updated academic standards for most common content areas.

Through a partnership with Academic Benchmarks, OnCourse’s full library includes more than 4 million learning standards, spanning across all 50 states, national standards, CTE standards, ISTE® standards, and CollegeBoard AP® standards.

What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“I have worked with the curriculum portal extensively this year and the ability to load our English department's curriculum and have units, documents, video clips easily available to all is a time saver! I am not starting from scratch each time I do plans so I can focus and improve my work now. ”

Susan Smith

English Teacher, Brick Township Public School District

What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“Definitely felt supported when you updated the new standards. Everything was very hectic with the new curriculum but we didn't have to worry about OnCourse, it was already updated!”

L. Weeks

Special Education Teacher, Swedesboro-Woolwich School District

What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“Data visualization is one of my personal favorite elements of OnCourse. It has single-handedly made my job manageable and easier.”

Stacy Saia

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Frequent Questions

Can OnCourse make it easier to share our curriculum with the public?

Yes. Your district has the ability to publish curriculum content onto a public-facing website hosted by OnCourse. Simply drop a special hyperlink onto your school district website to provide a read-only view to the community.

What types of data are available through the Curriculum Builder?

OnCourse's dynamic standards maps make it easy to understand coverage gaps and articulation across grade levels or classes. Districts using the OnCourse Lesson Planner can explore an additional dimension; the connections between the curriculum and classroom lessons. When teachers link a standard, resource, or unit into their weekly lesson plans, curriculum departments can easily see the most popular elements of any unit and whether teachers are on pace with the scope-and-sequence.

Can we control who has access to distinct parts of our curriculum during development?

Yes. OnCourse offers sophisticated permissions, allowing the district to control access by groups, roles, and individuals. The district's power users can invite groups to collaborate with many different levels of access, like "Read-Only", "Comment Only", "Edit But Not Delete", and more.

How often does OnCourse update our academic standards?

OnCourse provides continuous monitoring throughout the school year for new and updated standards. These are included in your subscription at no additional cost.

Let’s Get Started

Tyra Starkey

Ed-Tech Specialist

Tyra Starkey is an Ed-Tech Specialist at OnCourse and loves helping district staff members save time with technology. Driven by her passion for education, she takes pride in assisting school districts in advancing the education of their students.

Tyra has spent much of her career in education, gaining experiences in such areas as classroom teaching, leadership, data analyzation, and curriculum development. A mother of three who lives creek-side in southeast Louisiana, she spends much of her time paddling and fishing the waterways of the Bayou state. Tyra is an avid hiker and traveler, a CrossFit athlete, and cherishes time spent with her family and friends.

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