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Make it easier to navigate state and federal requirements with OnCourse's curated approach to data collection.

When your district’s funding hangs in the balance, it pays to have OnCourse specialists guiding your way.

It is a massively time-consuming task to collect and organize all the data required to stay compliant with state/federal DOE’s.

OnCourse gives you space to breathe by crunching vast repositories of data into pain-free state reports. Every OnCourse app is continuously updated for accuracy, like OnCourse Evaluate calculating your state’s evaluation scores, or OnCourse Multiple Measures being equipped with templates to receive assessment scores.

There’s no area more crucial than SIS state reporting. The OnCourse SIS helps data managers stress less with a comprehensive package of curated reports, data-scrubbing validations, specialists monitoring state data releases, and ongoing updates to make your submissions as speedy as possible.


DOE Update Packs, Annually

When the DOE changes its reporting requirements, OnCourse swiftly releases compliance updates, saving dozens of hours for district data managers.

Curated Reports

Data managers have a library of curated reports for every purpose, especially state and federal requirements like ESSA, CRDC, P-EBT, etc.



Data-Cleansing Validations

Keep bad data out! OnCourse's data validation engine spots errors before they happen, keeping your submissions as clean as possible.

What educators say about OnCourse

teacher on laptop in library

What educators say about OnCourse

“The fact that OnCourse is ahead of state reporting updates puts my mind at ease.”

Mike Rabalais

Network Data Manager, West Feliciana Parish Schools

What educators say about OnCourse

teacher using laptop planning lessons

What educators say about OnCourse

“With the ever-changing landscape of education and state reporting, we may not know what information is needed, but it is comforting to know that OnCourse is robust enough to grow with us and meet those challenges. ”

Joseph Borchard

Director of Technology, Wayne School District

What educators say about OnCourse

teacher works at laptop

What educators say about OnCourse

“My favorite feature of OnCourse is the Reporting tab. You have thoughtfully provided automated reports that make required state reporting a breeze.”

Karen Bolmarcich

Technology Coordinator, Bloomsbury School District

Why OnCourse might turn your district away.

Our least favorite thing is telling prospective school districts that OnCourse is not an option for them. It’s not personal. It’s regional.

Our goal is to give schools a supernaturally good reporting experience. To do this, designing for specific state reporting requirements is critical.

While some ed-tech companies might chuckle at us for prioritizing a great user experience over conquering new markets, we lose no sleep. We are an organization full of former educators and SIS coordinators; we understand how costly it can be when a generic software product fails to meet our most crucial moments.

Making you wildly successful is our favorite thing. It’s why we choose quality over quantity.

To find out if OnCourse is supported in your state, contact us at [email protected].

Frequent Questions

How quickly does OnCourse react to changes in state data requirements?

Because OnCourse is a 100% cloud-based platform, updates can be deployed instantly across our user base. Urgent changes can go out same-day, if necessary. This agility helps OnCourse districts keep their data and workflows prepped well in advance of submission windows.

What models of state reporting does OnCourse support?

The OnCourse SIS has two core versions: one that produces curated state reports and one that connects directly to DOE databases. For states that require uploaded submissions, OnCourse curates a range of reports in different required formats, comma-separated, tab-delimited, even space-delimited in certain cases. For states with an "always-on" approach to reporting, OnCourse transmits data at a frequency determined by your district.

How does OnCourse reduce errors in our submissions?

Every workflow facilitated in OnCourse, from enrollment to scheduling to grading, was designed with data validation in mind. Our philosophy is to keep bad data from getting into the system in the first place, rather than catching and cleaning data later. In addition to system-wide validations, the district can activate more than 100+ different validation rules to achieve consistency across most reported data.

What happens if OnCourse doesn't support my state?

If your district has its heart set on using OnCourse, but state reporting is not supported in your state, e-mail us at [email protected] to request a reporting review from our team.