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The SIS that puts student growth first.

The OnCourse Student Information System saves time on all your paperwork tasks while providing new ways to help students achieve.

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Every year, schools are asked to do more, more, more.
OnCourse SIS helps you do less.

Operating a school district has never been more complex. The OnCourse SIS makes things simpler by automating your most time-consuming tasks, from enrollment to state reporting. Then it takes you beyond the limits of a traditional SIS, adding in cutting-edge analytics, mobile apps, and integration with tools proven to accelerate student achievement.


Morale improves as paperwork vanishes. Students take new ownership of their learning, and parents get productive new ways to offer support. Every leader gains new data and tools to help schools grow beyond their limits.


What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“Fewer passwords, better app integration, and a well-designed user interface mean that all of the stakeholders are engaged more often and more deeply. OnCourse users who came from other platforms never look back!”

Michael Sullivan

Teacher, Hopewell Valley Regional School District

What educators say about OnCourse

What educators say about OnCourse

“Great educational tool for achieving success in the classroom. It supports increasing learning success for all students by helping teachers and educators become more organized with everything you need right at your fingertips!”

Aughtney Khan

Inclusion Teacher, Camden School District

What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“Having everything in OnCourse has given teachers and administrators additional tools for communication and coordination with parents and students. It has helped them find all of their work, announcements, and resources in one place. ”

Stacy Saia

Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction

What educators say about OnCourse

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What educators say about OnCourse

“OnCourse is a full integration system. Planning, grading, analysis, statistics, and parental access are strong parameters. OnCourse successfully helps us analyze data on everything from student attendance to standardized testing results.”

Valerie Reeth

Director of Instruction & Curriculum, Ogdensburg Borough School District

OnCourse Analytics

OnCourse Analytics gives your school leaders the power of data visualization, automatically translating thousands of K-12 data points into colorful, intuitive infographics. Quickly locate classrooms in need of administrative support. Uncover hidden stories of equity. Spot trends toward chronic absenteeism. Monitor longitudinal trends in enrollment. And do it all without looking at a single spreadsheet!
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Multiple Measures

Give staff a 360-degree view of student progress with OnCourse Multiple Measures. Create a shareable dashboard featuring any measure that matters: grades, assessment scores, attendance, state test scores, etc. Plot your data on a color-coded continuum and instantly measure the correlation between any metric.
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Special Education

Enhance the OnCourse SIS with a comprehensive Special Education suite. Generate IEPs, manage important deadlines, and generate customized forms and letters. Invite collaboration from staff, track goals and objectives, and ensure compliance with federal requirements.
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Online Registration

Save hundreds of hours during summer registration with OnCourse Online Registration. Allow your parents to complete registration forms at home or an office kiosk, and send completed paperwork to your main office to review and finalize.
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Scan Access

Make it easier to manage location access and attendance with OnCourse Scan Access. Equip the OnCourse SIS to read your student ID cards, then let students scan into campus locations like the front entrance, library, or auditorium. Track in-out records, attendance, or tardies instantly.
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Address Validator

Validate a single address or thousands at a time with bulk validation. Address Validator standardizes addresses to USPS guidelines to increasing consistency in your data.
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OnCourse Implementation

Every successful project starts with a great plan and great people behind it.

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Frequent Questions

Who can contact OnCourse support?

Anyone. We know...that's unheard of among SIS providers. But it's true, any school staff member can contact OnCourse support for help. Your power users have special channels, like LiveChat and a dedicated Success Specialist, so they always have help when they need it.

How customizable is the OnCourse SIS?

OnCourse provides a highly customized experience in three ways. First, our team curates your state reporting environment, ensuring that you'll always have accurate submissions for federal/state requirements. Second, your district has the freedom create their own custom fields, reports, dashboards, and workflows. Third, OnCourse's support and development teams help to custom-fit your suite to meet your needs, even when it requires custom development.
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If we switch to OnCourse, how is data converted from our old system and how much data is imported?

OnCourse has an expert data conversion team that works closely with your district to import data from your previous SIS. We have converted districts from most common SIS products and have data import routines designed to make conversion as painless as possible. Sometimes we bring data in from as far 10 years back, depending on your district's needs.
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Does OnCourse handle big federal requirements like CRDC or P-EBT?

Yes. When federal requirements arise, OnCourse provides push-button extracts to make your reporting as easy as possible. In one example, OnCourse's Civil Rights Data Collection report crunches more than 5000 different data points into a much simpler extract, saving hours of manual collection.

How do we make batch data updates when state reporting requirements change?

When minor changes occur to data specifications, OnCourse may opt to update codes or exports with no user intervention necessary. When new fields or values are introduced, OnCourse power users can use the "Batch Update" utility to either a) execute mass changes online or b) import a spreadsheet.

Can I have a pilot or recorded demonstration?

We get it, sometimes you aren't ready to talk to a sales rep just yet. Click below to take a fast-paced tour through the OnCourse SIS.
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Sam has spent 25 years in education technology, specializing in Student Information Systems. There isn’t much Sam hasn’t seen, from DOS-baseD SIS programs to mind-bending master schedules. He will put his wealth of experience to work in crafting the perfect suite of software and service for your school district.

Outside of work, Sam enjoys family vacations and spending time in Cape May, NJ.

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