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OnCourse Trailblazer Ali Angelle

April 25, 2023

An easier path to data-driven instruction

Morgan Paese

OnCourse Communications

One of the biggest obstacles to data-driven instruction is the additional workload we ask of teachers. But with the right tools, you can make it easier for teachers to analyze their student data, identify needs, and bridge gaps.

OnCourse Trailblazer, Ali Angelle, highlights the need for timely data as a teacher, “If your data is not gathered while teaching, in the midst of the year, and as a checkpoint, reaching the end goal of growth won’t happen.” 

In this webinar, Ali demonstrates how she uses OnCourse Assessment and OnCourse Classroom to help analyze student growth to accelerate mastery in her classroom.

“Analyzing data from handwritten or even electronic-based assessments can be time-consuming without the right tools. Once I realized that by using OnCourse Classroom, I could link my standards and generate mastery reports, I began immediately. In doing this, I have been able to take the school-wide “data-dives” that we do once a year and complete them each time I give my students an assessment. With this constant feedback, I am able to quickly see what my students need and adapt our classroom to meet their needs and bridge gaps that I may not have even seen prior to using this tool.”

Watch this 6-minute clip to see how Ali builds assessments, analyzes standards, & plans for interventions quickly. Watch the full webinar here.

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