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educator presenting at LACUE conference

November 13, 2022

Educators Share Digital Learning Breakthroughs

At LACUE 2022, join a series of educator-led roundtables focused on improving assessment and digital learning.

Morgan Paese

OnCourse Communications

For lovers of digital learning, OnCourse has brought together an all-star slate of educators for a series of themed roundtable discussions. No head-in-the-clouds theory today; participants will see real tactics with real results, with a few fun surprises throughout.

The sessions below take place on Wednesday, November 30 in Room Bolden 3. Join any workshop and be entered to win OnCourse’s grand prize, a 35 gallon Yeti Cooler!



Roundtable: Practical Ways We Improved Interventions
11:00 – 11:50AM

Join a panel of educators in a series of brief 15-minute talks about improving the effectiveness of interventions. Topics include increasing efficiency when crunching data, tips for identifying students in need, and giving much-needed transparency to supervisors. 

  • Jennie Foster, Supervisor of Assessment & Accountability, Iberia Parish Schools
  • Amy Ard, Instructional Technology Facilitator, Tangipahoa Parish Schools
  • Tyra Starkey, Education Technology Specialist


Roundtable: How Our Assessments Got Better
1:00 – 1:50PM

Join a panel of educators in a series of brief 15-minute talks about making assessment time more meaningful. Topics include innovative ways to use tech-enhance items, helping students become confident LEAP-takers, and ways to “rigor-check” assessments. 

  • Ali Angelle, St. Martin Parish Schools
  • Christina Verberne, Tangipahoa Parish Schools
  • Taylor Wilkes, Bossier Parish Schools
  • Tyra Starkey, Education Technology Specialist


Level Up! OnCourse Certification for Educators
2:00 – 2:50PM

Join us team for a reveal of the OnCourse Certification program! In the pilot of this initiative, OnCourse users can choose to either SHARPEN or SHOW OFF their skills in one of two available tracks. Participants can earn badges and swag, while inspiring others with the success of their work.

  • Tyra Starkey, Education Technology Specialist
  • Morgan Paese, Marketing Coordinator


Virtual School: How It Started & How It’s Going
3:00PM – 3:50PM 

“Go virtual they said, it will be easy they said!” Dr. Shannon Nickens and her leadership team will share the highlights and tough lessons of launching Tangi’s Virtual School program. Topics include nurturing human connections while online, building a robust virtual curriculum, certifying staff/students, and delivering effective instruction and testing.

  • Dr. Shannon Nickens, Tangipahoa Schools


OnCourse User Group


Join a meetup and brainstorm with other OnCourse movers-and-shakers. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at OnCourse’s development roadmap and share ideas to guide future innovation. 

  • Tre Gonzalez, Director of Growth,OnCourse
  • Craig Timberlake, Project Manager, OnCourse



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