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February 24, 2023

Feature Friday: The Check Answer button

This #FeatureFriday, we'll give students more opportunities to master content by adding a "Check Answer" button to assignment questions.


Tre Gonzalez

Director of Growth at OnCourse

Giving students multiple attempts to answer questions can lead to a deeper understanding of the content and better retention of information. It can also reduce anxiety, provide more targeted feedback, and ultimately improve test scores. This approach can also increase student confidence and motivation, as they are able to see their progress and improvement over time.

In today’s #FeatureFriday, we demonstrate how this works in an online assignment. Tre creates an interactive exercise in OnCourse featuring two “Check Answer” buttons.


To activate the “Check Answer” button in OnCourse Classroom or Assessment:

  • Edit your question
  • Scroll to the bottom and press More Options
  • Check the box next to Check Answer option
  • In Check Answer Attempts, key in the number of attempts the student will be allowed.
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