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June 07, 2023

Inventive ways Louisiana schools are driving growth

At LACUE TLS 2023, join OnCourse and other Louisiana educators for our Grow Together sessions.

Morgan Paese

OnCourse Communications

Let’s Grow Together!

Across Louisiana, districts using OnCourse are discovering effective new ways that technology can support student growth.

Join us in the Napoleon room as educators and the OnCourse team share new ways to bring data together, improve interventions, and raise your SPS.

From Data Collection to Data Action 

Tuesday, 10 am

In this session, Instruction Tech Facilitator Amy Ard, will share tips to foster collaboration between teams, and improve transparency around important data points, making it easier to progress monitor. Amy will also demonstrate how she uses tools to streamline the data collection and analysis process, freeing up valuable time for staff and helping them make data-driven decisions that improve student outcomes. 

GPS for your SPS! New Tech for Raising SPS 

Tuesday, 11 am

What is keeping your SPS scores from rising faster? Let’s find out! Join this session to see new technology for helping your staff swiftly analyze all the inputs that generate SPS. Where are you strong? Where can you improve? Getting this data faster makes your interventions much more impactful on your final score. 

How Iberia Parish Brought ALL Their Data Together

Tuesday, 1 pm

Data housed here, data housed there, data housed everywhere… 

In the past, effective data analysis required district staff to collect assessment data in one system, progress monitoring in another, and LEAP scores separately. By the time this data is brought together, it is often too late for impact. How can we cut down on all the steps needed to create comprehensive data views? Join Jennie Foster, Kyla Aucoin, and Tyra Starkey as they share how using OnCourse can bring together many data points to one view that will meet the needs of district-level staff, school administrators, and teachers, all while saving time for everyone!  

Six Ways to Streamline Your Schools with OnCourse SIS 

Tuesday, 2pm

If you want to make big improvements in your district, it’s time to consider a big upgrade to your platform! Improvements including: more accurate LDOE reporting. Massive time-savings in your classrooms. Engaging more of your parents. Saving money and time by digitizing paperwork.  In this workshop, explore the life-changing ways your staff can benefit from switching to OnCourse SIS. 

OnCourse User Group 

Tuesday, 3:30 pm

Together as a community we’ve created dozens of innovative ways to streamline our schools. Join us to meet your colleagues in other districts, learn about what’s cooking in OnCourse Development, and share feedback on how we can continue to help your schools grow. 

How Google Schools Can Keep What Works, Improve What Doesn’t 

Wednesday, 8 am

In many Google Classroom districts, instructional teams are bumping into the same limits: low transparency, no content alignment, and basic assessment tools. How can we keep the best parts of Google while incorporating the benefits of a true LMS? Join this workshop to see how one district connected Google and LMS technology to save teachers time, beef up Google’s assessment capabilities, and make it easier for parents to find everything in one place. Hosted by Christina Verberne, Instructional Technology Facilitator. 

What We Learned from Data-Guided Leadership Retreats 

Wednesday, 9 am

With a new Superintendent and shifts across several departments the St. John team planned a Leadership Retreat to drive positive change across the district. After seeing the impact of bringing people together, they have already planned round 2. Join the St. John the Baptist team as they share how they worked in collaboration to take a pulse of their students, review benchmark data, and plan actionable steps to achieve district goals; moving the district forward.  

EdLink & LDOE Updates with Bossier Parish 

Wednesday, 10 am

Join Mallory Cooper for an informal discussion about current and emerging topics on EdLink/LDOE topics like Literacy Screeners, IAP Updates, etc. Learn how Bossier Parish handles these items in the OnCourse Student Information System. Mallory will joined by OnCourse’s state reporting team who will be available for Q&A and feature requests.  

Ask Us Anything

Wednesday, 12:10 pm

Join the OnCourse for an open Q&A about any SIS topic; EdLink, master scheduling, online registration, etc.! 


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