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July 08, 2020

The Busy Person’s Intro to OnCourse Classroom LMS


Tre Gonzalez

Director of Growth at OnCourse

In this fast-paced tour, Tre Gonzalez introduces you to some of the most popular features of the OnCourse Classroom LMS, including:

  • Improving Parent Transparency
  • Transforming Word/PDF files into Digital Worksheets
  • Google/Microsoft Integration
  • Video Lessons
  • Tech-Enhanced Assessment
  • Analyzing Student Mastery of Standards

Want to know more about Google Integration or Meeting the Needs of Early Learners? More videos are below.


Using the OnCourse and Google Integration

In this video, Allyson shows how districts can achieve a best-of-both-worlds approach, taking advantage of Google’s terrific toolkit while utilizing OnCourse to add tech-enhanced assessment, transparency, integration, and moderation.


Supporting Early Learners

In this video, Tre demonstrates online activities designed to be developmentally appropriate for younger learners. See how OnCourse supports the use of video, audio, annotation, and more.

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