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An Upgrade to Classroom Mobile App

In a new version of the OnCourse Classroom Mobile App, students can complete classwork and Google assignments, take assessments, and message teachers.

In 2020, approximately half of all OnCourse logins from students came from an iOS or Android device.

The mobile experience of the OnCourse Classroom LMS was good, but we decided it could be better. This new mobile app, available now in the App Store or Google Play Store, give students a one-stop shop for managing their entire LMS experience, including:

  • Classes, Resources, and Messages
  • Google Assignments
  • Quizzes and Formative Assessments
  • To-Do List and Missing/Late Assignments
  • Calendar Events

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This mobile app is tailored specifically to facilitate a student's experience and is not intended for teachers or parents. Teachers will continue creating and managing their content through a web browser on desktop/laptop computers, and parents can continue accessing the system through their regular mobile or desktop login.

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