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Interventionist reviewing MTSS data

July 10, 2024

To improve MTSS effectiveness, root your efforts in your SIS. 

Morgan Paese

OnCourse Communications

How many logins does it take to gather comprehensive data on a student? 

As states, districts, and schools strive to effectively implement MTSS and RTI initiatives, the need for a unified system that offers a complete, transparent view of each student has become crucial. Here are six reasons to bring your MTSS process into your SIS.

Centralize All Important Data 

When surveyed, 93% of educators agreed that having all data in one place would enhance the effectiveness of the MTSS process. Tracking tiered supports in your SIS means all student data can be accessed in just a few clicks. 504s, I&RS action plans, IEPs, grades, and attendance are in one login.  

With holistic data at their fingertips, staff can quickly identify patterns in student performance and implement targeted interventions more effectively.  

Educators can also identify trends across the entire student population, allowing for proactive planning of resources, like additional staff, materials, or training programs, to address emerging needs and challenges. 

Teamwork Made Easy 

A SIS that supports MTSS boosts collaboration among teachers, admins, and support staff. Everyone can see the same data and communicate effectively, leading to a unified approach. When the whole team is on the same page, interventions are more effective. 

Better Data Decisions and Habits 

The live-data nature of SIS combined with the intervention framework of MTSS allows for continuous progress monitoring. Educators can track the impact of interventions promptly, enabling them to adjust strategies as needed and ensuring that students receive the support required at every stage of their academic journey. 

This enhances instructional strategies and supports a culture of continuous improvement, where educators are empowered to make data-driven decisions. 

In a recent survey, we asked educators how often they access student data. With the majority answering daily or weekly, ease of access needs to be a priority for district leaders who are aiming for sustainable data practices. 

Parent Involvement 

Communication with families is key to student success, but there are risks of giving parents too many different places to track important metrics. 

With student support data in your SIS parent portal, it’s easier to keep parents informed about their child’s progress and the support they’re getting. This transparency builds trust and ensures everyone is working together. 

Compliance and Accountability 

Many state DOE’s are rolling out new requirements for tracking and reporting interventions. Incorporating your district’s framework in your SIS helps you keep a clear record of interventions and their outcomes. This accountability is crucial for demonstrating that the school is providing appropriate support to all students and is adhering to best practices. 

Save Time and Be Efficient 

Manually tracking MTSS data can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Integrating this process into the SIS automates many aspects of data collection and analysis, freeing up valuable time for educators. This means more time for teaching and less time on administrative tasks. No more chasing down information from different platforms or outdated spreadsheets. 

OnCourse MTSS helps you identify at-risk students, collaborate around interventions, and monitor student progress. If you are already an OnCourse SIS district you can connect OnCourse MTSS to your all-in-one system. By bringing your systems together, you’re setting up a more effective and supportive learning environment where every student can grow.

Interesting in learning more? Schedule a 15-meeting with Sam or join us for a live walkthrough of OnCourse MTSS on July 25th.

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