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May 27, 2022

NJSMART Updates: May 2022

Tanya Manila

Senior Media Specialist

As we close out the 2021-2022 school year, there are many large updates flowing from NJSMART. Here are a few of the notable changes your school district should be aware of.

School districts using the OnCourse Student Information System have access to a comprehensive reporting toolkit that evolves as state/federal requirements change. Updates are often minor; however, NJSMART has released several high-impact changes in Spring 2022.

This May, OnCourse sent frequent e-mail updates to our NJSMART mailing list. If you aren’t receiving these messages, please subscribe to the OnCourse + NJSMART mailing list here.

Here are a few highlights:

T1 Exit Code Being Removed

[Updated May 27] NJSMART has released initial details about the removal of the T1 School Exit Withdrawal code. We are conducting a comprehensive review on T1-related reports and sending questions to NJSMART in an effort to provide the best possible path forward in OnCourse SIS.

While that happens, here are important instructions:

  • Please continue recording students’ enrollment events exactly the same way you always have.
  • DO NOT go back and try to eliminate all the T1 exits.

It is crucial to be patient at this stage. Making any changes to your enrollment records before OnCourse’s evaluation is complete will cause you to be out of sync with the solution and best practices we will provide.

To be alerted when the new feature is released, make sure to subscribe.

Student Learning Environment (SLE)

Every student has their Student Learning Environment (SLE) tracked in the NJSMART tab in OnCourse SIS.

When a student has multiple SLE’s in a year, however, NJSMART now requires transactional reporting. To support this requirement, the student’s SLE can now be updated in the Enrollment tab of the OnCourse SIS. Read more here (user login required.)

Attendance for Out-of-District Students

Due to recent updates to NJSMART guidance, OnCourse has made changes to how attendance data is entered for out-of-district students for inclusion on the NJSMART SID Extract report. Please review the release notes for important instructions (user login required.)

SMID Management

For the 2022-2023 school year, NJSMART will be combining elements from SMID Management, Staff Submission, and new salary-related fields into a single collection. This project is under construction.

WCAG Accessibility Compliance (Updated Fall 2022)

This summer, your district is required to ensure that all public-facing websites have enhanced accessibility in accordance with Web Accessibility Act A4856: “Requires Internet websites and web services of school districts, charter schools, and renaissance schools to be accessible to persons with disabilities”

OnCourse Connect is now fully WCAG 2.1 accessibility compliance. In addition, all teacher websites are also compliant.


If you have any questions, please log into OnCourse and use the Get Help button!


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