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Student in a library with achievement data cards

All your best data. No busy work.

OnCourse Data Curation brings your data together into one convenient place.

Your schools are drowning in data. Screeners, benchmarks, gradebooks, interventions, summative tests; it is easy for instructional teams to get trapped in an unproductive cycle of spreadsheet management. 

Get more growth from your efforts with OnCourse Data Curation. With this service, your school district can rely on an expert to: 

  • Bring your student data into one convenient place 
  • Synthesize it into useful dashboards 
  • Provide teachers with insights that arrive fast enough to matter

This service is offered to schools using OnCourse Multiple Measures, a platform for creating and deploying color-coded data dashboards across your school district.

Meet the expert who will finally organize your data.

Subscribe to OnCourse Data Curation and be paired with a specialist who offers valuable help for your team, like:

Consolidating Your Data
Let your Data Curator bring together all your most important data. OnCourse can capture data from more than 100+ common assessment tools, including iReady, MAP, DIBELS, state summatives, and more.*

Creating Dashboards
What insights would change your life? Your Data Curator can create them. OnCourse dashboards can: 

>  Automatically tier students for MTSS 

>  Illustrate longitudinal growth across screeners, benchmarks, grades, and summatives 

>  Deep dive on standards proficiency 

>  Provide interactive progress monitoring to replace Google Sheets

Give our expert your wishlist and they’ll create up to 3 custom dashboards and deploy them to your staff.

Deploying to Your Team
Imagine your data actually getting to the people who need it! Your Data Curator will ensure that educators have fast and easy access to the data they need, while administrators can learn about progress across classrooms, schools, or student groups.

*Supported assessment data includes ACT, Achieve 3000, CLEP, PSAT/SAT, DIBELS, Fountas and Pinnell, HMH Growth Measure, NWEA MAP, STAR Reading/Math, iReady Reading/Math, and data from 90+ other providers.

Browser showing a student data dashboard in OnCourse Multiple Measures


Q1: Can we bring in data that’s not on the list above?

Yes. OnCourse Data Manager can accept most data files, provided they are in Excel/.CSV format and include a student ID.

Q2: Can we create our own dashboards with this data? 

Yes. Use Multiple Measures to generate dashboards from any data in OnCourse, including those uploaded in your starter kit. If you are an OnCourse Assessment or Classroom district, those data will also be available for inclusion.

Q3: How much does this service cost?

Your Data Curation service is an annual fee of $500 for each provider (iReady, MAP, etc.) you wish to include. State summatives are included at no charge.

Q4: Can my Curator create more than 3 dashboards?

Yes! Your district can purchase additional hours of data curation.

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