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Student in a library with achievement data cards

OnCourse Data Dashboard Starter Kit

See a whole year's worth of data in one place. Take advantage of OnCourse's free Data Dashboard Starter Kit.

As NJSLA/NJGA are fast approaching, OnCourse is offering a new initiative that will make it faster and easier for your staff to see important student achievement data in one convenient place.

Between March-June 2024, OnCourse SIS districts can opt into the free Data Dashboard Starter Kit and get:

  • Full-service data imports for up to three test score
  • Access to Community Reports
  • Inclusion of state test data in OnCourse Student Story 
  • Pilot access to OnCourse Data Manager 

Browser showing a student data dashboard in OnCourse Multiple Measures*Popular data uploads include: ACT, AP Testing, Accuplacer, Achieve 3000, Aimsweb, ARC, CLEP, PSAT/SAT, Dibels, Discovery Education, Fountas and Pinnell, HMH Growth Measure, MAP, Scantron, iReady, etc. 

Discover your best predictors of student growth

Are your benchmark tests predicting performance on summative tests? Does absenteeism have a significant effect on student outcomes?

Most schools have staggering amounts of data scattered across several disparate systems. For every child, there are hundreds of data points: summative test scores, benchmark results, grades, behavior data, attendance records, diagnostic scores, demographic data, etc. Let OnCourse detect which of your measures are most correlated with student academic success.

How it Works

As an OnCourse SIS district, your team has free access to Multiple Measures (Mx), an easy way to create convenient data dashboards for teachers and administrators.

This system is a “hub” for data stored in OnCourse, allowing SIS districts to analyze GPAs, grades, attendance, etc.

By opting into the Data Dashboard Starter Kit, your district can add academic measures at no cost and with minimal effort. You’ll simply post your desired data to OnCourse’s team and we’ll handle the rest.


Q1: Can we bring in data that’s not on the list above?

Yes. OnCourse Data Manager can accept most data files, provided they are in Excel/.CSV format and include a student ID.

Q2: Can we create our own dashboards with this data? 

Yes. Use Multiple Measures to generate dashboards from any data in OnCourse, including those uploaded in your starter kit. If you are an OnCourse Assessment or Classroom district, those data will also be available for inclusion.

Q3: Will we lose access to data at some point?

No. Data imported into your starter kit will always be available to view and analyze in OnCourse Multiple Measures.

Q4: Why is this better than using any other data warehouse we currently own?

3rd party data warehouse products tend to see poor usage from staff who view it as “one other system” to log into. Integrating data into OnCourse makes it vastly more convenient to review data in a place staff access every day.

Q5: Where can I learn more about OnCourse Multiple Measures?

Click to watch a 7-minute overview video.