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September 28, 2022

Quick Tips for Fixing NJSMART SID Errors

Tanya Manila

Senior Media Specialist

It is crunch time for your 2022 NJSMART SID Submission. If you missed our NJSMART Jam Session, it is now posted in your OnCourse University training portal.

In the video, Suzette and Tre share a few tips for locating and resolving last-minute errors in your SID Submission.

Watch the video now (OnCourse login required)


How to Quickly Locate Enrollment Errors

One of the fastest clean-up tools is the “Inaccurate Enrollment Records” report, which can be found in your OnCourse Reporting tab. If the report is blank, there are no inaccurate enrollment records (nice job!)


Finding and Fixing Data Gaps

It’s highly recommended to utilize your practice periods to get as much time as possible for data remediation. Missing information is one of the most common culprits for errors.* Here are a few tips to find blank spots.

  • Run the NJSMART SID Extract and check for gaps and/or missing column information.
  • Use the Batch Update (login required to read guide) to update fields and correct data that may have changed from the last submission.

*Want to apply a Data Validation rule to make field(s) Required by default? Contact OnCourse Support to adjust your district’s logic. 


Create an Advanced Search with NJSMART fields to spot-check missing or incorrect data.

The drag-and-drop Advanced Search is an excellent way to create scannable data views. For tips on running an Advanced Search to spot-check your SID, skip to 3:14 in the video above.

Happy submitting!

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