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August 24, 2020

Daily Health Screening Released in OnCourse SIS


Tre Gonzalez

Director of Growth at OnCourse

School districts can now prompt their staff and guardians to complete an online screening for COVID-19 symptoms or exposure before entering school property. 

Schools are taking many new steps to ensure a safe environment for students and staff. One of these steps is to identify symptomatic individuals before they enter a school bus or building.

To make this possible, OnCourse has released a “Daily Health Screening” feature which is free for school districts using the OnCourse Student Information System.

How Daily Health Screening Works


Each morning before school, guardians must log into OnCourse Connect from a computer or smartphone to complete a quick health screening of their students.

If they receive a green “Approved” indicator, their student may board the school bus and enter the school building. If they receive a red “Not Approved” indicator, the district asks that the student not report to school and contact the office for next steps.

Teachers, administrators, and school staff members can also complete this health screening each day before entering campus buildings or transportation.

Authorized staff can review a live feed of students/staff results and can quickly pinpoint any affected households.


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