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June 21, 2023

Four ways to improve your online registration process

Small tweaks that will save everyone time!

Morgan Paese

OnCourse Communications

Project Manager Craig Timberlake and Education Technology Specialist Tyra Starkey contributed to this post.

If your district is using OnCourse’s online registration process you are already reaping the benefits of reduced costs, improved data accuracy and accessibility, and saved time on administrative work. In partnership with our districts, we are continuing to find ways to make this process faster and easier for your community. Check out these four helpful things to consider for this year:

1. Collect parent consent on as many district documents as possible

Annual registration presents an excellent opportunity to collect more than just enrollment information from parents and guardians. Take advantage of this time to gather permissions, signatures, and consent on important district documentation. Consider uploading things like:

  • District handbook
  • Photo consent waiver
  • Acceptable use forms
  • Internet policies
  • General field trip permissions

Including documents in your summer registration process increases compliance, as parents must complete the process before accessing coveted information, like the student’s upcoming schedule.

Screenshot of a cell phone agreement in an online registration form

2. Create fillable forms for parents to complete

Does your online registration process require parents to download, sign, and re-upload forms? While this digital approach is an improvement over traditional paper forms, you can make it even easier. By building your documents and fillable fields directly into your registration system, parents can submit all of their pertinent data, all without leaving the platform. This results in more accurate and accessible information, an enhanced user experience, and time saved for all parties involved.

Screenshot of a home language survey integrated into online registration

3. Optimize with an opt-out process 

Consider implementing an opt-out process rather than an opt-in system for various consent forms. Some districts have successfully adopted this strategy for photo consent. During the registration process, all students automatically consent to their photos being used, unless their guardian contacts the school to opt them out. By adopting this policy, you can save valuable time by focusing only on those parents who opt out, as the majority tend to accept the default consent. 

 4. Utilize the new “Accept All Changes Button” feature in OnCourse Online Registration 

With this update, administrators can save even more time by reviewing all changes made by a guardian on one screen and accepting them with a single click!  This feature further streamlines the process of updating registration records, enabling administrators to approve updates made by parents efficiently. 

For more tips on OnCourse’s online registration feature, watch a 2-minute video on prepping online registration or click for a user guide on this feature (login required.) 



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