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Twenty years of commitment to Louisiana schools. A growing network of OnCourse SIS districts. And the state's only platform that helps students grow.

Why are Louisiana Parishes Switching to OnCourse?

Stay Synced with the LDOE

On every LDOE reporting call, OnCourse is there.

The OnCourse SIS is continuously updated to keep your district’s data aligned to EdLink reporting requirements. As requirements change, OnCourse updates a special “validation engine,” which keeps bad data from entering the system and reduces errors throughout the process. Because OnCourse is a fully cloud-based system, updates can happen faster than ever before.

students sit and listen to a story in library
student in library

Improve Protection from Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks targeting Louisiana schools have hit historic levels. Server-based SIS products that were popular in the 90s and 2000s have proven to be vulnerable to a new wave of cyber threats.

OnCourse’s cloud-based system offers a range of protections that harden a school’s student data posture and provide comprehensive disaster recovery features that preserve and restore access rapidly.

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Moving Louisiana Education Forward

OnCourse’s network of innovative districts grows every year. The most useful features developed in one district become a bonus for every other: like LEAP360 analysis, growth-to-mastery visualizations, online IGPs, and more.

Our network has grown to nearly 30 Louisiana parishes, using OnCourse’s all-in-one system or academic/assessment technology to support student achievement.

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What educators say about OnCourse

Bossier Parish Technology team presenting to their staff at Level Up Training

What educators say about OnCourse

“We believe that OnCourse is a great fit for other Louisiana school districts. OnCourse has a long track record of providing technology solutions to Louisiana districts and has committed to serving our state for the long run. OnCourse is “on the ground” and very reactive to the needs of their Louisiana customers. Their technology is innovative, student and teacher-friendly, and an excellent choice for all Louisiana districts. ”

Stewart Thompson

Director of Technology at Bossier Parish Schools

What educators say about OnCourse

teacher with laptop speaks to class

What educators say about OnCourse

“To say I am obsessed with the wonderfulness that is OnCourse is the understatement of 2020. We just switched this school year. I also picked up two virtual classes. Overwhelming. But OnCourse is letting me have one platform to host EVERYTHING.”

Emily Webre

Lukeville Upper Elementary

Frequent Questions

How long has the OnCourse SIS been serving Louisiana schools?

The OnCourse Student Information System was adopted into the first Louisiana district in 2017. Every year since, more parish districts have made the switch to OnCourse SIS while also adding in powerful upgrades like OnCourse LMS and Assessment. For references, e-mail Sam Morgan at [email protected].

Does OnCourse have experience converting data from the SIS we use now?

OnCourse has converted data from every SIS product currently used in Louisiana. In every case, OnCourse has successfully transferred in comprehensive data; grades, guardians, courses, schedules, staff, etc.
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How good are OnCourse's LDOE reporting systems?

The best. After LDOE's EdLink project "reset the playing field" for SIS vendors, OnCourse's cloud-based SIS became a clear leader with agility and convenience. OnCourse's connections to EdLink and eScholar have provided every partner district with massively time-saving ways to transmit data to the LDOE.

Let’s Get Started

Tyra Starkey

Ed-Tech Specialist

Tyra Starkey is an Ed-Tech Specialist at OnCourse and loves helping district staff members save time with technology. Driven by her passion for education, she takes pride in assisting school districts in advancing the education of their students.

Tyra has spent much of her career in education, gaining experiences in such areas as classroom teaching, leadership, data analyzation, and curriculum development. A mother of three who lives creek-side in southeast Louisiana, she spends much of her time paddling and fishing the waterways of the Bayou state. Tyra is an avid hiker and traveler, a CrossFit athlete, and cherishes time spent with her family and friends.

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