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November 12, 2022

A Fast Way to Secure $1000 Literacy Vouchers

This shortcut makes it easy for Louisiana schools to identify students eligible for the Steve Carter Literacy Tutoring Program.


Tyra Starkey

Ed-Tech Specialist

The Steve Carter Literacy Tutoring Program provides $1,000 digital tutoring vouchers to eligible students to be utilized for literacy tutoring provided by vendors approved by the Louisiana Department of Education.

To help schools quickly identify eligible students, the Tech Department at Bossier Parish Schools used a high-tech solution.

“This was such a wonderful opportunity for our families, so Bossier Parish wanted to jump right in to identify these students,” says Ms. Mallory Cooper, Systems Analyst.

Using the district’s OnCourse Student Information System, she built a quick automation to scan the results of multiple criteria and place students on one master list.

“The formula column in OnCourse Multiple Measures was the perfect solution for this task,” said Cooper. “Now each school will be able to run a single report to identify these students (even though there are grade-level specific eligibility requirements), and district level folks can run the report for all sites.”

One big time-saver: when any teacher or principal runs this list, they are automatically limited to only their own students.

To see how this feature works, watch this quick demo from OnCourse’s Tyra Starkey:

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