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Amy Ard shares how she uses Multiple Measures to meet district goals around data.

April 03, 2023

Webinar Recap: Guiding Teachers from Data Collection to Data Action

Morgan Paese

OnCourse Communications

It can be challenging to collaborate around student data, especially when multiple teams are involved. In this webinar recap, Amy Ard shares how she uses OnCourse Multiple Measures to bring teachers and facilitators together around shared goals and data.

This webinar is part of the OnCourse Trailblazer series, which highlights successful programs in other districts. Gain tips from Amy to help you:
·      Foster collaboration between your tech team, curriculum team, and teachers
·      Provide transparency around important data points, making it easier to progress monitor
·      Streamline the data collection and analysis process, freeing up valuable time for your staff
·      Enable you to make data-driven decisions that improve student outcomes

Below, we have clipped a few of Amy’s most helpful and innovative strategies. To watch the entire webinar, click here.


Identify student skill deficits in time to increase test scores

Save time evaluating the impact of Tier 1 Curriculum

Replace paper progress monitoring with on-demand data dashboards

Easily collect and share ACT data with counselors and teachers.

[Full Webinar] Guiding Teachers from Data Collection to Data Action with Amy Ard

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